No Grand Gestures.

Humming “fly me to the moon” as the autumn breeze passes on, feeling a little blue as the suns not there to shine any longer, the leaves falling from the trees, kids playing as I cross the central park, People whispering, talking, looking at me, Am I too loud? I question myself. Maybe. Maybe not. […]

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Ghum hai.

Guzarta samay, badalta samah, unkahi baatein, aur in sab ke beech; hum, ghum hai. Khoobsurat Chehre, andekhe sheher, anginat raaste aur in sab ke beech; hum, ghum hai. Behta samundar, muskarata suraj, nachte hue yeh do pal, aur in sab ke beech; hum, ghum hai. Khud ko khojne ki khwaish hai, khud se jeetna hai, […]

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Met you in the dark.

Met you in the dark, unravelling my way out on the way your eyes widen when you get excited the way your lips curl up to say the words the way your face lightens up with a big smile. Met you in the dark, When we waved goodbye to the sunset and danced in the […]

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Remember, I stood next to you.  Remember, my favourite taste is always going to be you.  Remember, my best view will always be the one from the terrace. Remember, I had a thing for the moon.  Remember, you taught me how to let go of things I was afraid to move on from.  Remember, you made a […]

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Welcome home.

Waking up to see his annoying face, curled up in a white blanket, looking like a winter night, took every ounce of me not to kiss him. I was hooked to a sleeping face, a face so perfect that I could sleep in the cold of him. I knew I loved him, the moment I […]

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love, always

Whispering in your ears, Stay. Whispering in your ears, Take this hand and close yours tightly around it. Whispering in your ears, Dance with me, baby, Whispering in your ears, Hold me like hope. Hold me close. Whispering in your ears, Let’s run and never come back. Whispering in your ears, Just say okay. Whispering […]

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What is it that you are afraid of? Is it the society? or yourself? What are you afraid to show? Is it your skills? or your face? What is causing you pain? Is it an illness? or your thoughts? Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! It is not the society, it is you. It is […]

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Fading Away…

You’ve started to fade away… your face, I cannot recall, your actions I cannot get myself to think about, your talks, I cannot hear any more. Your voice has been replaced, You were here yesterday and now you’ve moved away. All I needed was another day, To keep you with me, To tell you what […]

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Let the winds touch your naked soul and whisper; Let the time stop still for you to have a juncture; Let the birds dance for you in joy when it rains; Let the darkness vanish for you to see a new day; Fly, oh love fly. Let the boats planing across the water carry you […]

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Escape from the monotonous life, Escape and leave everything behind. Escape to have a love affair with the world, Escape to find your self-worth. Escape as far as you can, Escape as much as you can. Life is not meant to be lived, Life is meant to be loved. The purpose is not supposed to […]

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