Child Education – a myth?

What is a country without basic rights for a human being?

What is a country without literacy?

What is a country without a happy child?


I may not be right to say, that the right of education act that was passed in 2009 is a failure. I may not be right to say, that a lot of schools have failed to stand by the right of free education act. I may not be right to say, that children of this country are still struggling for a better future.

In India today, 4% of our children never start school. 58% don’t complete primary schools. And 90% don’t complete school and only 10% of our children go on to college. Why? * (source: Teach for India)

Aren’t these facts heart breaking?

Of course, they are.

It has been a debate topic since forever now and still after years and years it still remains a topic to debate on. Why? Why are we so helpless that we can’t do anything to get rid of an issue this big? An issue that if solved can make millions of lives and if not can break the existing lives and more who still have not stepped into this world.

The question still remains, why are we so helpless?

In 2009, India enacted the Act of Right to Free and Compulsory Education to all children aged 6-14 based on principles of equity and non-discrimination. For a “developing” country like India with such high levels of poverty and illiteracy it should have been enacted a long time ago.

However, even after 7 years after it came into force, it is yet to be properly implemented.

Many children do not attend their classes or go to school. Often, because their teachers and fellow class mates don’t treat them well and judge them on their caste, religion, economic condition or gender. It’s shocking to see that where on one hand we think or we believe that people have outgrown all these causes they actually have not.

It saddens me and angers me at the same time as the government simply ignores this problem. Why cannot they have detailed plans to monitor each child’s progress? Why cannot they have the state officials or the school principals make sure that children are getting proper education?


According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 80 million Indian children drop out of school before completing elementary education.

Everyday, hundreds of families migrate from their villages to big cities hoping for a better life and better education for their children but  in maximum cases children end up being  either servants or  do other menial jobs like selling newspapers, cleaning cars etc.

If the UNICEF says, that RTE is there to help each and every child and they themselves are there to  support them and give them free education then why do we still have a large number of children working as labourers when they should be in school studying just like any other child of their age and living a life that they deserve

There can be ‘n’ number of reasons for the same but major being the economic conditions but wasn’t education supposed to be free. Didn’t the act say Right to free and compulsory education? Then why are we still facing the same issues? Why these children are still called the unprivileged section? Why is there no free education given in government schools? Why is government not taking any initiative?


Too many questions and not even a single answer.




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