Is this the end of the world?

Paris. Orlando. Turkey. Dhaka. Baghdad. Dallas. Who is next?

Everyday there is some city that’s been targeted and thousands of innocent lives are taken. Children, women, men, young, old, black, white, Hindu, Muslim no one’s spared. Why? Why is there so much of hatred in the world? Where is this coming from? Where is this taking us? What’s the cause? Why are people killing people? For what? 

Confused? Angry? Helpless? So am I. So is the person who has an inkling that he or she’s about to die when they are hiding somewhere in a bar and they call their parents home right before they’re shot in the head and poof. Dead. Just dead.

Not once. Not twice. Its been happening over and over and over again. Who’s to be blamed? The parents of these murderers? Or the friends? Or the television influence? What is it that these normal people like you and I are happily posing before going to make a kill. What is it? 

This is no fight for religion. This is no fight for a part of the world, this is a fight against humanity.

When Quran, Bhagavad Gita or Holy Bible were written, did any of these say that a person needs to know every verse, every single word that’s written in these holy books? No, they were written so we could get back to our ancestral belongings, to live the lives they lived, to learn from the verses that have been written in these books, the verses that changed their lives for good. But these holy memoria never mentioned even once, to be able to live you need to memorize each letter, each word and each sentence. 

Everyday innocent people are dragged into the eye of terrorism either by killing them or by making them kill the others. 

Terrorism has no religion, there is no muslim, no hindu, no black, no white but, they definitely kill in the name of one. Why?

We would die contemplating questions and questions but would we be able to find answers, is the biggest question of all. Will this end? Will the world be at peace someday?

Is this the end of the world?

Entire world lives on hope. But are we really living?

Guess, we are just surviving on hope.


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