The Passerbys

Everyday we meet people, some new some old, some warm some cold.. and by mistake, without even putting enough thought into it, we fall. We fall hard for them.. in ways which we can’t understand ourselves. It could be a newly shifted neighbour, some old friend who you met after ages, a past lover or maybe a new guy in the gym.

You meet, you connect and boom. You’re hooked.

Well, for a day.

Why does this happen? This is not what we’ve been waiting for?

But then what are we waiting for?

Do i look pretty enough? I have to go meet him. Should I change my t-shirt? I have to go meet her.

Where are you going?

Somewhere for drinks and then to his place.
Somewhere for drinks and then to her place.

How did it go?

She’s pretty but it’s a no strings attached situation.
He’s smart but it’s a no strings attached situation.

What on earth is this no strings attached situation?”

Have we really forgotten the definition of Romance? Is this really just a swipe right, swipe left generation, “a no strings attached” genx. Is it?


Is this the only way through which we’re trying to save ourselves, save our hearts from being caught up in the midst of an affair. The reason could be anything, a broken heart, social status or because we all are way too cool for old school.


Are we saving on time?

“I want to focus on my career, I can’t get over her.. she still stays in my subconscious, I don’t do relationships but I’m open to everything else, nobody likes me enough to be with me, maybe am too clingy?”

What have we found? What have we lost?

We found time but we lost a chance. Time to do everything in the world. A chance to feel.”


Because we are genx and we believe in passerbys and not in Romance.


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