Running every day from one corner to other.. to fulfil dreams, to make a living, to have a house, to make our parents proud or just to survive.

School, College, Job, Marriage, Family every chapter we open in the book of our lives has a way to make us a mess. A mess that we try to ignore by partying, drinking, or taking off to someplace for a weekend.. but are our lives really that easy to disregard?

People will tell you “Work now, it will pay off later”. My question here is what if there is no later? What if whatever I’m doing right now is surviving in hope of living someday but what if I don’t get to?
We fight the world, everyday, every minute but why are we fighting each other? Why are we throwing ourselves in pits when we don’t even know how to climb back up?
This world, oh boy this world is a nasty place.. it will make you go to a level where you never thought you would go and then laugh at you. Not sure if I would call that being mean or trying to teach a lesson because all I see is how cruel the world is.
But we all have to let it pass. We don’t have to be a mess, just surviving on hope that someday is going to be our day.. because that someday might not end up coming.
My advice?
Declutter, live.
Not tomorrow, not next month but today, at this very moment, start. Take a deep breath and start.
Start to Declutter.
You might start living.


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