Until the last falling star☆

“Wishes and hopes are kept in a jar full of dreams. Wishing and hoping that someday what I’ve dreamt will come true. The scrolls in this dream jar will be alive and dance with joy as their mission in my life would be accomplished..”

This was one of the scrolls that she recited while she looked at herself in the mirror.. questioning herself if she should add more scrolls to the jar which was overflowing with folded dreams, the ones which were taking too long to come true.

“I don’t understand, I have been writing my dreams ever since I was 10. Praying for them to live. What am i doing wrong? Who’s at fault? How am I supposed to believe in the power of God? How am I supposed to believe in magic when my world is falling apart because none of these are coming true. What am i supposed to do?”

She cursed herself, the world and cried to sleep.

“You are the God. You are the Dream. You are the Magic. You are the Wish. You are the Hope. You have to Believe.”

A voice spoke, ‘Don’t be afraid.. good things take time. Just be a hero, your own hero and fight.

Fight for those dreams to come alive, fight to see the light. Don’t give up, it’s just a bad night.”

She woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the moon outside her window and smiled.

“I know it was you, it has always been you. Guiding me through.. watching over me with your shine.. i know you aren’t at fault .. I’ll believe you until the last falling star.” xx


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