Escape from the monotonous life,
Escape and leave everything behind.
Escape to have a love affair with the world,
Escape to find your self-worth.
Escape as far as you can,
Escape as much as you can.

Life is not meant to be lived,
Life is meant to be loved.

The purpose is not supposed to be served,
The purpose is supposed to be earned.

Stop, Think and Act is not always what we seek;
Run, Live and Love is what we perceive.

Don’t try to live your life,
Go ahead and love your life.

You’ll fall. You’ll rise.
You’ll cry. You’ll smile.
You’ll mourn. You’ll celebrate.
You’ll be the worst. You’ll be the best.
You’ll always be more than what you think you are.

You’re weak but strong.
You’re fake but so real.
You’re a failure but also a success.
You’re so much more.

Escape to find the you in you.
Escape to find the love in you for you.
Escape and you’ll know that there’s no better version of you than you.
Escape and fall in love;
Because once gone the time won’t return.

It’s a fast-paced world,
Waiting to leave you behind
So, escape because it’s time you tell your tale.


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